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Spread The Love

We are so thankful for your gifts, and this month we want to invite you to Spread the Love by becoming a Sustaining Partner (monthly donor)! How can your monthly gift help?

  • $200 a month gives basic needs to a couple receiving a foster placement
  • $150 a month helps us guide a couple wanting to foster or adopt
  • $100 a month provides training and support for moms and dads facing daily challenges of raising children from hard places
  • $50 a month encourages a family who is having a tough week
  • $25 a month provides emergency diapers for a baby placed with a relative or foster parent

As a thank you to you, we would like to give you a Fostering Collective umbrella showing that you are helping to protect children in foster care through your gifts.

If you are already one of our Sustaining Partners we appreciate you and will be sending you an umbrella this month!

What does life look like for those who grow up feeling unwanted?

The statistics of children coming out of foster care are staggering:

  • 50% of girls are pregnant by 19
  • 50% are incarcerated within 2 years of aging out
  • 1 in 5 will become homeless after aging out
  • 88% of trafficked teens come out of foster care
  • 74% of prison inmates were once in foster care; 80% of death row inmates

We believe that Christ-centered families who are able to show these children the love of the Father can change children’s lives and give them hope.

Your gift will help us recruit new Christ-centered families

Your gift will help us shepherd families who are already loving children in foster care

Your gift will help us equip churches to become the answer to the foster care crisis

What would happen if we had More Than Enough families to adopt the 400 children available in East Texas?

What would happen if we had More Than Enough families to foster the 2,000 children in East Texas?

You can help us find out.

Not sure you can commit your time but want to commit your finances to help those actively fostering and adopting?